I happen to think a pointy toed stiletto is the sexiest shoe a woman can wear. Do you agree? If not, what is the sexiest shoe to YOU?

I am a guy who notices fashion and shoes on women. A woman in heels will IMMEDIATELY get my attention. We all have our "things", right? Just curious what you think is sexy as far as shoes are concerned.
Feel free to post pics of any examples.
Thanks in advance!


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  • On men or women?

    I'm not really attracted to men's feet, but their hands (now we're talking).

    As for women... I love my pointed toe stilettos - it's sexy and classy. Rounded toe stilettos are also quite nice. I'm not into gladiator shoes personally, but I can understand why people find them attractive.

    • I'm only interested in how women look and the shoes they wear.


      Im not into gladiator heels or shoes of any kind (again, on women!) :))

    • <:/ Then why are you asking a question about shoes? Haha

    • I asked this TO WOMEN. I gave my opinion on what I like seeing a woman wear.
      I threw it out there for other women to weigh in.
      No more. No less.
      Thanks for answering.

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