Do You Think I Shouldn't Wear a Dress With Deep Back or a Backless Dress Cause?

I have a birthmark on the nape of my name, a very small one..
And another that looks like a cricket ball (dark brown colored) on my mid back..
And another on my lower back which is just a horizontal straight white line (lighter than my overall skin tone)


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  • I would go for it. Just because you have some birth marks doesn't mean you shouldn't look fancy. I have also had the thought since I have a big scar on my stomach but people barely notice, and if they do just hold your head up high. You are perfection and no one can ever be like you.

    • Thank you for encouraging me. I can wear the dress and act all confident but I think i'll go cry in my room if people will stare at me! :(
      I don't really wanna take a risk...

    • But what if they stare because you look absolutely gorgeous, you will never know, sweetie.

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  • guess it's not visible wid da naked eye... no?

    • You don't need a microscope to see them. They're visible :(

    • So I shouldn't right? 'Cause people will stare :(
      Even though the back is the most 'nice part' of my body.. Damn birthmarks!!!

    • hahahah personally i'd not care :P

  • Who cares wht other people think wear wht u want even if the birthmarks r visible


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