I can't look into her eyes?

One of my best friends is a girl, I think she's hot and I like her but I don't think she feels the same way but I'm happy to be just friends I like being around her she's really funny has a great peersonality, but the thing is, I can't look her in the eyes when I'm talking to her I always look at her lips she tells me "eye contact" and asks why do I always look at her lips when talking to her? what do I tell her ? what do I say ? I can't make eye contact its really hard I dnno why

I see views but no answers I need help guys and girls :/


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  • Haha I've heard that if you look at a person's lips a lot it means you want to kiss them. Hopefully she hasn't heard this :P

    Eye contact is extremely important, it's nerve racking if you really like that person but it's worth it. I love it when I lock eyes with someone I like. It's like your making a connection with them without words. It can be really uncomfortable to look into someones eyes but only if you make it uncomfortable. I'm sure you could look into another person's eyes no problem it's just looking into the eyes of the person you like that makes you nervous. I think the way to get over this is to stop getting nervous and being more comfortable and confident.


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