Black girls and white guys...

So whenever I've seen an interracial relationship with black and white people where I live, I've come to notice that it's usually a white girl and a black guy... almost never the other way around.

Is there a reason for this? Are a lot of black girls just not in to white guys? I'm a white guy myself and am thinking about asking out a black girl from my college.

So I have a question for all of the black girls out there. Would you date a white guy? And, why or why not? What would make you interested in a white dude.

On a side note, is it better to say african american girls or black girls? Just curious.

Thank you for all of your honest answers.


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  • black guys are usually more forward and assertive when it comes to girls of any race so that's why you see a black guy/x race girl pairing more often. white guys seem to be more subtle and less assertive when it comes to getting girls so that's might be one reason why the rates of interracial relationships are lower.

    it depends on the girl. some of us are open to dating out of our race and some of us just stick to black guys, and then there are some black girls who don't even date black guys and only interracially date. it just depends on the girl.

    personally I am attracted to some white guys but I have never dated one before. I am used to black guys but if I met a white dude and had chemistry with him and he was a good guy and not just out for sex I probably would. depending on where you live it can be really controversial so personally I wouldn't get into an interracial relationship just to do it, I would have to really like him and he'd have to be worth it.

    african-american or black doesn't really matter. its not offensive either way, but I would just say black. black is a race, african american is an ethnicity. not all black people are african american. its like calling white people italian american or german know their race but you don't know their exact ethnicity. just pointing that out but either way no one really gets offended.


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  • im brown and just wanted to say as a girl that we usually don't care about the colour and the look if we liked the personality. black girl is A GIRL, A human HAS heart and can feel like any white girl so colours not important most of the time for matures, smarts people. and be your self and treat her like how you would treat any girl you like. and calling her a black girl or african american girl both of it is not a good calling, maybe she's not american or african to call her that be nice its like you are insulting her just call her by her name or anything else without saying THE( Black )word, trust me it would hurt her feelings.

    hope it helped gd luck .

  • Okay. I am black. I identify myself as such because it encompasses my whole background not just African. Also "black" is the politically correct term and also deemed so by my AP guide in journalism. Now to your questions!

    There are plenty of black girls into white guys, I've just come to learn that the issue is some black girls figure that white guys wouldn't be attracted to them based on race alone.

    There is an old stigma about this and it also depends on where you live as well. If you live in the South, I would see how this would pose a problem because of certain social norms from the 60s that are still clawing at present-day. Growing up in the South, it was very uncommon to see a lot of interracial couples but I believe that's changing now.

    I date whoever I have a connection with, regardless of race, white, black, hispanic, asian. My dating list probably resembles a United Colors of Benetton advertisement.

  • I'm not black, but I am brown, I find nothing wrong with interracial relationships. It's about the personality, color shouldn't be labeled has "who you should date"!

  • in the UK, there are no colour barriers. there are so many black girls dating white men and vice versa. 15 years ago, my white boyfriend (who is now my husband) and I used to get funny looks from the older generation (old grannies and such) when we held hands. now with an influx of immigrants from the EU and from africa, no-one batters an eyelid because inter-racial relationships and friendships are all over. it is actually frowned upon if you tell your friends that you rejected someone based on their colour. also in the UK, we don't mind being called black. I get the impression that in america, race is a big deal. follow the same rules as you would if you were trying to date a white girl. don't worry about it. ask her out. if she says no, her loss! don't let that rejection stop you asking another black girl you may come across. girls of any race just like guys who are themselves, confident, assertive, funny and unpredictable.


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  • african american would be more proper due to just stating black girl or man is degrading

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