Time to shock.

I want to look my very best. I am a goth, so every day I pretty much look the same. But I really like this one guy and want to shock him. his a big foot ball jock. we already like each other. but I just want to make him go WOW when he see's me. so can I have some help I have no idea how to dress away from my norm


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  • Wear like a skirt and a T-shirt that's not black. Gotta show off a bit.

    • I only own one skirt. its from a halloween costume. its a little school girl skirt. would that work ?

    • Hell yes!

What Girls Said 1

  • If the guy likes you in the first place I'd say just be yourself and wear what you normally do. However, if you are doing this just for a one time thing I think you should probabaly go with a pair of jeans (what ever colour and fit works best with your body type, if you are looking to get away from your normal style try asking a sales associate what they think about the pair you've chose) and go with a simple sweater or shirt. Something that shows either arms chest or a bit (maybe half an inch) of stomach, whichever you feel comfortable showing. and if you do tend to go heavy on your makeup wear a little bit. Just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and some clear lip gloss :) Keeping your hair straight if you nromally style it is good too :) This is coming from a girls point of view but if he is already interested then you don't need to dress like a slut because then it will look like you're trying too hard

    • Thanks. and I wish I could show off some tummy. but I'm pretty big.