I want to improve my flirting style. Any tips?

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  • Areas to "practice" flirting:


    - The mall

    - Coffee shops

    - The grocery store

    - The local park / State park

    - The beach


    With whom:

    - If you are single, anyone

    - If you are taken, or close to becoming taken, flirt with the individual to whom you'l be dating

    When to practice:

    - Every day, when we continue on a spree of not flirting; it becomes few and far between how often we utilize flirting methods in daily conversations. By flirting at the proper moments and continually in life, you'll learn how to encorporate this in your own style.

    Practice if you have a preference to learning to flirt, not to "pick up" more men. Flirting is a utensil that we can then use to create attractions; however, to maintain those relationships we need to be ourselves. Flirting is not the key to winning someones heart - Being Real is the key.

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    • All of his answers are like amazing.

      does it just come from your head?!

    • Haha thanks amanda - The answer to your question is Yes.

      Every moment in life that I live, I try to learn a little something. Whether that is about a certain situation, or whether that is about a certain individual. The more I learn, the more I am comfortable with myself; furthermore, it also assists me to have knowledge now because it will make future moments easier to survive.

      We all learn something, we just need to identify and utilize the information that we have. =)

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  • flirting (actions? I don't know :P) I use sometimes :

    when they hug you run your hands down their arms as you pull away

    look deep into their eyes (duh (: )

    smile a LOT.

    lick your lips

    what kind of flirting are you really looking for? the sweet, innocent flirting towards a guy you're shyer with?

    or that sexy both-like-each-other, you're-hot, type of flirting that's really bold?

    answer back and ill edit :)

    • Sexy we both like each other...and its gotta be really bold. I don't wanna f*** up another relationship by not being a good flirt.

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    • Another thing to add for the QA - Relationships do not consist solely of one specific action between each other. If you are lacking in the ability to flirt (or feel like you aren't that great) chances are:

      1) He finds your attempts adoreable and pleasant

      2) He understands your frustration because he has been there too

      3) He doesn't care about flirting that much

      Currently, I am "seeing" a shy girl that doesn't flirt that much. I enjoy the moments with her dearly and would like- (continued)

    • - to start dating her. This girl has earned my attention because I don't understand what she is looking for. With being so shy, it drives me up the walls- but I have the feeling that she would be an excellent individual for myself, my family, and she takes care of pets very well; this leads me to think she will be an ideal woman that I will ask out.

      In conclusion - flirting doesn't matter as much as you think it does. The best experience you will have is practice while being confident.