Guys, describe the most perfect girl/ woman in your eyes?

What height? what color hair/ eyes, her personality? her voice? her interests? job? what are things that attract you to a girl, thanks.


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  • a little shorter than me. or shorter than "a little shorter" doesn't matter. she's gotta be as tall as me or shorter.

    i could care less what color hair she had. just as long as she HAS hair.

    shes gotta have a good sense of humor. that's a must.

    i don't really care what kind of job she would have.

    her voice?...ummm no preference...just as long as its not deeper than mine.

    and that pretty much sums it up =)

  • 5'2'' black hair, green eyes

    she'd be caring, family oriented, supportive, spontaneous, silly but with a serious side as well, trusting. voice...I don't that sounds girly but not crazy annoying? :P

    interest wise: she likes doing things outdoors, likes exercising, video games!, lounge around sometimes and just chillax with each other

    job: I don't really care as long as she's ambitious and works porn stars/strippers/that kind of stuff please

    there's probably more I could add but I can't think of anything else right now :P


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