Good hairdos for special events?

Hey peeps. I am going to a military ball on Thursday and I feel like I should do more to my hair than just curling it, which is what I usually do when I go out. So anybody know any good hairstyles that would work for this event? Pictures/tutorials would be great. I would love to go to a salon to get it done, but I am a broke ass college student and don't have a ton of money (if any of you know of places that can do my hair for cheap, hit me up!)

Also a side question for those of you that know about dresses and stuff. The dress that I bought touches the floor when I wear my heels (these are the tallest freaking heels I own too) It doesn't drag, but it does touch the floor. Is it supposed to do that? Or should I get it hemmed (again I am broke as fuck) so is it really worth it to get it hemmed an inch or two? It is a two layer dress if that helps. I know this is really last minute, but that's just how I roll.

I greatly appreciate anyone who can help a sister out!!!

by the way I have like mediumish length hair (it goes to like the middle of my back) :)


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