How can you tell if a guy likes you?

I'm sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school, and I like this guy, but we don't really talk...Ever. We had a random conversation once because he's in one of my classes, but nothing major. His locker is basically right across from mine so I see him before and after school and sometimes I think I see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I'm also a stat girl for the wrestling team, and he's a wrestler so I see him a lot after school too, and during practices I'll catch him looking over at me. So how can I know if he likes me or not? Uh besides asking him directly


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  • Well this is a very open ended question. One thing to keep in mind is that at age 16, a lot of guys just want one thing: sex. So, in the large game of love, you have first see if he is interested, then his motives.

    If you are into just hooking up, then its not too complicated to find this out. If you want a relationship, that can be tricky and will require more information.

    Here are some basic signs.

    What is is personality like? Does he walk up to girls or his he shy? If he normally approaches girls with ease, he may not be interested. But, it could mean he is only shy with girls he likes. If he is shy in general, making eye contact is not enough to figure it out. So, talk to him! One conversation that is class related is boring. Guys like to brag to girls and don't want to hear about your problems. Maybe once you are a girlfriend they will care, but not from the start. So my advice, ask him something about him. Since you share the common thread of wrestling, ask him about his match or compliment him. See if he makes eye contact. See if he wants to continue the conversation or if he just answers in one or two word replies. If he is interested, he should talk to you and ask questions about YOU. If you two can establish a rapport, see if he flirts.

    When a guy likes a girl but is shy, sometimes the girl breaking the ice by simply letting the guy know he can approach you without being rejected will ease his fears and he will start to talk. Go from there. Update after you do that.


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  • He likes you. You can try to give hints back, but it most likely won't work. I'd suggest asking him out directly if you want to develop a relationship. I know it's one of those things that is easier said than done, so when it feels right in the near future, ask him if he wants to (insert common activity here) sometime and make it casual. You can progress from there. Good luck

  • What! you caught him looking at you not once but occasionaly! That guy does like you! There's no doubt you like him since you were looking too. don't deny it happy hunting youngins :D

  • Well it sounds like he is at least noticing you so I suggest you just say hi to him or something. Guys are usually a little shy about approaching girls but they open up fast and generally like the attention; unless they are taken or gay. Just say something to him and you will find out real fast if he wants anything to do with you or not. If he likes you he is probably going to try and perpetuate the conversation and start saying hi to you. Probably ask for your number eventually. If you keep going at this rate he will probably end up dating some other girl and you will miss out on your chance. So it's either always wonder or find out.


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  • Talk to him more, then Google "body language:attraction" and you can then read his body language and tell. Also, there's some pretty good videos on youtube that can tell you wether he likes you or not. And also, there's a really good article on this site that tells you a bunch of signs to wether he likes you or not. But, here are some basic signs to tell you once you get to know him:

    1.he smiles when you talk to him

    2.he laughs at your jokes

    3.he tell's you what's going on in his life

    4.he opens up to you

    5.he's playful with you

    6.he looks you in the eyes when he talks to you.

    7.he wants to hang out with you/he invites you to do stuff with him

    These are the basics. Hope this helps!

  • huh, let's see

    It’s hard to tell in your case but have a look at this list of signs:

    Signs He Likes You

  • Try striking up a conversation with him. Maybe stand closer to him in wrestling, and see if he moves closer to, or if he backs away. A guy moving closer to you is a sure sign they like you!