How do girls know if a guy is attractive without even turning and looking at him?

I'm not attractive, neither am I ugly... But when I walk past a girl sometimes she doesn't even LOOK. Of course she won't STARE and drool, but she doesn't even LOOK? How can a girl tell if a guy is attractive just from her side vision? How is this possible? I have to actually turn and LOOK to see if a girl is attractive.


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  • so you turn and look at every girl you walk past?

    • No, sorry. What I meant by" walk past", is a girl is sitting at a table and I walk by. And yes, when I am sitting at a table I will turn and look at most girls who walk by (when can't notice).

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    • No, I'm super sneaky. I rarely ever get caught staring.

    • No, we notice. you're not sneaky lol.

      guys think they're being super subtle, but if you're turning your head or visibly moving your eyes, then we see it.

  • we do have peripheral vision

    or she just may not be interested in noticing guys at the moment

    • Yeah, my point exactly. How can you judge a guy based on peripheral vision? it isn't right.

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    • Maybe I'm just weird then for checking out every girl I see...

    • I think most guys do that lol

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