Girls do you have any style tips for me?

I am 5'8 and 155lbs (about 70kg)

Here is a pic from my 19 birthday
girls do you have any style tips for me?

also what do you think about a hairstyle for me?


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  • Are you talking casual or suits and ties? Either way, I could be a useful resource. I worked in menswear for four years after college.

    • probably casual, and maybe a suit and tie lol

    • Silly question, but is that your natural hair color?

      The shirt you have on looks good, though I might go down a size if possible (how long will it be, will it be too tight, etc.). Also, I'd recommend pushing/rolling the sleeves to about your elbows.

      I'd also recommend button-up casual shirts. Men's Wearhouse has a good selection. If that's out of your price range, I might also try Eddie Bauer or American Eagle (haven't shopped at Eddie Bauer in a while though). Wear a t-shirt underneath.

      For suits, given your skin tone and hair color, you could probably pull off a tan or grey. For those, I'd recommend a brown belt and brown pair of shoes (shoes and belt should always match). As far as shirts and ties go, you'd have to play around with those a bit. I'm pretty conservative with those, in that my dress shirts typically don't have patterns on them. I will say that a pink/rose shirt would work very well with tans and greys. White is pretty universal.

    • Yes it is my natural hair, I actually used to have blond hair when I was little lol, so I was a blond half japanese kid! So a button up shirt like the one on my profile pic?-my step sister got me that for my birthday

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  • Go get a copy of GQ and look at the pictures. Disregard the really odd things and you will find a nice look in there.


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  • drinkin' wine at 19. BAAALLIIIINNNN