What's the best eye makeup and eyeliner style and eyeshadow color for girls with blue eyes?

I have blue eyes with pale. skin , lots of freakes , light brown hair , dimples. I usally wear black eyeliner on the bottom and top without wings sometimes bottom black eyeliner and blur eyeshadow but I'm looking for something that will make my eyes pop and make me more noticeable and more attractive. And I Usally don't wear foundation only on special occasions. And usally I wear my hair natural and usally no lipstick or lip gloss unless it's a special occasion

And I have small eyes


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  • Well, I think this look will go good on anyone! But winged eyeliner is so pretty! It will accentuate your eyes too. But remember! When it comes to eyeliner, when you do it on the bottom it usually ends up making your eyes look thinner and smaller.
    So only do the eyeliner wing at the top!
    Also, instead of using eyeliner at the bottom, use a white pencil on the lower water line and inner corners of your eyes!
    This is a genius tip because omg, I just can't, its bae. It makes your eyes look bigger and prettier! And for mascara clean the wand by putting a paper towel or tissue over it and just wiping it over bottom to top. And put more on the sides of your eyes. Top and bottom!
    Smokey eyes look great on blue eye too! So use lots of neutrals.
    Blue is also a great choice. I know your eyes are already blue but it looks so pretty!


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