Girls, Have you ever had a tattoo done?

Have you ever had a tattoo done? If you did it , Where is your body and what does mean symbol?


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  • Yes I have gotten several.
    One is a sun on my ankle, because this way i can always remember to look on the bright side.
    Then i have a Butterfly on my wrist, because life is short and we need to make the best of it while it lasts (butterflies don't life long) To always be free and not let anyone cut my wings anymore. I got that one just before I filed for divorce, it was a warning to myself to never look back, so in some ways it also symbolizes my transformation from rock bottom in an abusive relationship to finding my strong and beautiful self again.
    Then i have a Peacock on my lower back, symbolism similar to a fenix, peacocks loose their feathers once a year and grow them back. So I relate to it because no matter how hard life gets, it always gets better eventually.
    Then i have a flower design on the top half of my back up to my shoulder, no special meaning to it, just pretty and colorful. Done during a very happy and positive time in my life.
    I am planning on a mandala with lotus on my other shoulder, means to focus and listen to my inner voice/instict and guidance in the quest for enlightenment.

    • It is amazing you love having a tattoo done. I don't know , I want to have a tattoo done but I can not decide.

    • Thanks for the MHO :-)
      I would sugggest to wait until you are sure. Either for something that means something or at least a design you can see yourself for the next 60plus years.
      Printing it out and having it somewhere to look at everyday is a good way of finding out if you'll get bored of it. If you can look at it for a year and still love it, go for it ;-)

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