Church Boy?

There is a guy at my church that I am totally in all with. During Fellowship when I get to him he just looks at me and then goes on, never speaks to me or anything. We are also in choir together but since we have started practicing more he doesn't come. I don't really act like I am interested. What do I do?

I will get to spend time with him tomorrow at our Christmas Fellowship Dinner. How do I go about this?


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  • Oh boy umm what I would do is make him come to you if he wants to talk are just hang out while your there. If your friends are going then I would most deff stick with them through out the dinner. Say Hi when you first see each other would be short and sweet making him feel like he isn't pressured into talking more..Just to let him knw that your being friendly with out being to obivious I guess you could say.. But feel free to do as you please just don't make the night about him. I've done that and wound up getting my heart broken.. Let me know how the night goes if you want...

  • I had the same problem about 2 months ago with a guy that goes to my college church group for the first couple of times we were chill and had funn talking and making jokes with one another. Then just out of the blue he stopped talking to me and at school he wouldn't even look at me when we passed. For me I had to realize that, that guy is not who I should be lusting after I guess. So I basiclly had reverse psychology on myself. Meaning when id see him I would feel nothing for him or act disgusted when I saw him to get my mind off of him and to take control of my feelings again. It sucks but don't worry it will get better the more you feel disgusted with seeing him. I don't know I'm just rambuling here lol, hope I said something helpful :)..