I want to look good this summer, but clothing shops hate me?

Im going to london 2 weeks and for once i want to look sexy and feel comfortable.. But my body isn't allowing me to.. and i honestly feel defided..

What im talking about is finding clothes that are attractve on my body and thats comfortable. but Noooo... every clothing shop hates me -.-

So my problem is that my body shape is hindering me in finding something that doesn't make me look way bigger then i am, isn't extremly short, doesn't flattens my chest downwards or makes me look like a brick/shapeless

My body shape:
- Broad shoulder
- Big boobs
- small waist and stomach
-narrow hips
- defined legs and butt

A lot of times if tops or dresses fits my waist it flattens my chest downwards... And since my butt stick out skirts with wearble "shortness" becomes too short.. The problems are endless...

How to dress a inverted triangle body shape with a butt?


I look something similar to Charlize Theron except i have bigger boobs and a bigger perkier ass and well defined legs


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  • guess a pic of yer body could help so we could tell :)

    • i doubt you as a guy could help to be honest...

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    • i was just assuming, im sorry, for all i know you're great with things like it... Anyway, did you read my update? i look something like her, or maybe more like Angelina jolie.. but with a bit more defined legs and butt... so do you think you can help?

    • red or green color might suit u i believe

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  • It would need to be separates unless you get something tailored. A nice top that fits properly and then a skirt or trousers that goes with the top. then some nice shoes that set the whole thing off. perhaps trimmed with a nice bag with an over the head strap (for security in London)
    I might be a bloke but I know how to dress a lady.. lol


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  • a visual would be helpful..

    • look at the updates... i have a quite similar body to angelina jolie, but my butt and legs are more defined/bigger