What's your all time favourite shampoo?

The one that you always go back to when you're tired of experimenting with others :D

Mine is aussie beach hair or miracle moist. I LOVE THAT THING. It smells like bubblegum, I always get compliments on it when people hug me, it's just so good. I recently found out though that their shampoos contain toxic chemicals and that they test on animals, which I'm really upset about. :( :( I've been using their products for years and years and nothing else works on my hair like their products. Their packaging tricks you and makes the product seem organic and harmless, which it obviously isn't. Very misleading.

Anyways, I also love the Organix (coconut and the blue argain oil one). They smell heavenly too, but my hair gets really greasy really fast after using them, so I don't anymore.

I'd be curious to hear what your favorite shampoo is, high end or drug store, it doesn't matter :)


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