Am I going blind?

Ok I got on the sun bed without the goggle things and I kept my eyes open and now there really sore and warm I know I shouldn't e on a sun bed in the 1st place and I'm stupid to not use goggles and keep my eyes open what will I do I'm afraid I'm after doing damage

Thanks for your answers luckily my eyes are all good now I won't be doing a sun bed again!


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  • OK, how stupid was that! Yes you have done damage to your eyes. It is similar to snow blindness but your eyes should recover.

    Even closing your eyes without goggles isn't smart. UV rays (those that are emitted by tanning beds) can penetrate the eyelid. The UV glasses are the only protection, use them. As well, the use of sunglasses with UV protection should be used on bright sunny days to protect the eyes.

    • I have never been in a sun bed, but that wasn't a good idea. I have had that happen to my eyes before you should be fine. If there still bothering you after a few days/weeks then I would go to the eye doctors, but I don't think your going to go blind.

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  • Uhh. I can only recommend getting yourself to an eye doctor soon. There's a reason that they tell you to wear goggles in those things.

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