I think all women should get beards and stop shaving their legs If you dont agree with me, aren't you antifeminist?


"Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair," Xiao told CNN. "You can choose to shave it, but you shouldn't be forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes."

Why stop there?

I love this idea. Women should burp and fart in public too. Its natural.
They should stop wearing makeup too. How dare you tell a woman that she's not beautiful just as god made her. You sexist bastards!
If men dont have to wear makeup, why are you conforming to the patriachy that enslaves women!

As a matter of fact, it should be a law that we FORCE women to not wear makeup, not shave anything and grow beards, because when women do that, its just supporting the patriarchy.

We should ban dresses too.

Dont you think?


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  • Well, yeah, I agree that women should be able to burp and fart in public with as little, or as much, stigma as a man doing it.
    And the beard thing is ridiculous. The difference is that most women don't naturally grow beards. That's telling them to grow something they have. While the non-shaving thing is just NOT getting rid of what you DO have; same as men do.

  • But a woman CAN'T have a beard! How can I survive? :'(

    • Sure they can. If they can't there's always hormone therapy.
      We need to strive for a society where we are all equal. I dream of a day where gender is not an issue that someday in the future we are all hermaphrodites.

  • Preach it! A need more guys like you! Why should men be allowed to do all of these things but women can't?

  • I agree with everything except the last part about forcing women to not wear makeup, not shave anything and grow beards.

    They have the right to choose if they want to or not. Nothing should be forced on them.

    I even feel the same about men. If they wanna look more feminine, they are free to do so. If they don't want to, that's fine as well. But nothing should be forced on them either.

    No one should ever be forced to do such stuff.

    • Do women have the right to choose to own slaves?
      Well then its not nothing then.
      And you are enslaving women when you support the patriarchy and not force everyone to a equal standard of beauty.

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    • When I said nothing should be enforced, I wasn't talking about laws. I was talking about what you can do with your body. Fine, maybe I worded it wrong. So really stop talking about slavery now.

    • So you were talking about just telling people they shouldn't do something?
      Nice try.

      When telling someone they have the right to choose something, its colloquially understood that its in reference to laws.
      ESPECIALLY when it comes to a womans body. Does "PRO CHOICE" and the laws that reference this?
      "Abortion-rights movements advocate for legal access to induced abortion services. The issue of induced abortion remains divisive in public life, with recurring arguments to liberalize or to restrict access to legal abortion services."

      I find it hilarious that you can enforce something and expect it to be followed without going through any-sort of legal system.

  • Objectively speaking (neither feminist not against it), I disagree with you. You propose that women should be forced not to wear makeup, grow beards (even resorting to artificial means if they cannot do one naturally), and not shave anything, because this will place men and women on equal ground.

    I find inconsistencies in your logic:
    1) Not all men are born equally "manly" either. Some men can grow thicker beards than others, some men are effeminate. Your proposal assumes that all men are and choose to grow beards, not shave and not put makeup, but this does not hold true for the entire male population. Hence your logic of making both genders equal does not hold true.

    2) in the article, Xiao is of the opinion that women should be given the choice to shave their armpit hair. This is not to say that women should not shave their armpit hair. Your proposal borders on the extreme of making women comply to a certain rule, and is a misinterpretation of the above person's opinion.

    3) Forcing women to grow out armpit hair, beard and banning makeup is imposing restrictions on what they can and cannot do to themselves. You claim that this makes women and men more equal, yet men are not subjected to similar restrictions (some men choose to shave armpit hair for example). In what way is this gender equality?

    4) Your proposal suggests that women copy men in their living habits and appearances, and places men on a level higher than women, by implying that men are the "role models" and standards that women should match up to. The idea of forcing women to do so codifies the idea of male superiority.

    5) This is speaking from personal experience (and hence a less objective viewpoint), but from observation most women I know shave their armpit hair for hygiene purposes (to discourage bacteria growth) and feel fresher; they find it too troublesome to grow a beard (why all that inconvenience), and wear dresses for the fun of it. It is a matter of personal choice, and no male obliged us to do so. We have these habits not because we want to please or attract men either. In promoting gender equality, the emphasis is on the fact that women should be able to make choices and not be denied the right to choices. It is not merely trying to make women more like men, or vice versa.

    I do sense your frustration at the lengths feminists go in their demands. Whilst I acknowledge that some feminists go to the extremes, your idea of feminism is equally skewed to the extreme.

    • 1) You placing the word "manly" and making an equivocation to beards is sexist. The patriarchy is what did this, you are just another sexist puppet.
      "Your proposal assumes that all men are and choose to grow beards, not shave and not put makeup, but this does not hold true for the entire male population."- No. My proposal is that men and women should be equal. This is a strawman. Hence your Logic fails.

      2. No. You are inferring im making a strawman. Which im not. Im making a reductio ad absurdum.

      3. Forcing the south to accept blacks was imposing restrictions on slavery. Obviously some restrictions are good. You have failed to demonstrate why these restrictions are bad. I also never said men wouldn't be subject to these same restrictions either.- Another strawman.- Your logic falls flat.

      4. Your argument implies a gender label to body hair and makeup. There is no such intrinsic label. You are part of the problem. The patriarchy is what did this, you are supporting this sexual bias.

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    • What does my country have to do with this? It wouldn't matter if i was born on Neptune. Or if i got my ideas from a crackerjack box.
      It wouldn't even matter if i was hitler.
      IF hitler said 2+2=4 are we supposed to think its NOT 4 because hitler said so?

      Genetic fallacy, i. e. its not relevant where i am from.

    • Location, or character or where the argument source originated has no bearing on the veracity of any claim.
      ANY claim.

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  • How does extending the right to manage something result in bans?

    • Its about equality. The only reason women shave anything is because MEN made them. If you go around supporting this, you are supporting inequality. Shame on you.
      Makeup and body hair shaving is a result of the patriarchy, and the only way we can get the society equal is to ban anything that the MEN have enslaved women on.

      I guess you think its ok to extend the right to manage rape.

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    • And another hint. There was an extension to the rights of Americans to own slaves. Eventually there were causal events that led to a ban which resulted in banning slavery.
      You asked how does this a situation like this result in banning something? there's one example of many.

      But perhaps you were asking, how does it logically follow that you could equate giving the rights to someone and then use slippery slope logic in resulting in banning something.
      But unfortunately you were not this eloquent, and i can argue your side better than you can. By simply arguing that im bringing up slippery slope logic.

      Im not, but its a FAR better position to take than the drivel and logical raping arguments you are spouting.

    • Fine ill REMIND you what it was. Since we have been over this already in the beginning. Its not my fault you are illiterate.
      You failed on multiple levels.

      I said this: "I guess you think its ok to extend the right to manage rape. "
      Reductio ad absurdum (as another reminder is most often used when someone brings up a universal argument)

      You implied that right to manage something is always good. Im am showing that its not.
      For instance, the right to manage slavery was shown to be wrong. Or at least here in the u. s.
      Another example is rape. Should rape be managed to the point of legalization?

      It logically follows because its not a comparison on rape and body hair, its a comparison on the universal acceptance of managing rights.

      Furthermore, it does not do women any service to promote something that is invented by the patriarchy. Body hair shaving and makeup is a PRISON that was placed on women to conform to a standard so that men will accept them. you're done.

  • If they are comfortable with them why not

  • What the shit?

  • I think women should customise their appearance however they want. Be it bearded face or clean-shaven. Dress or Pants. High heels or boots. I couldn't care less.

    • Agreed. I love the idea that when im making out with my girlfriend that im confusing her with the cast of duck dynasty.
      You obviously do too.

    • Hellz yeah! Beards are hot

  • Meanwhile legalize inbreeding, pot and abolish technology so we can all go backwards and become hippies. Moron.

    • Meanwhile, idiot doesn't recognize sarcasm when he sees it.

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    • Well then you should have said "Xiao. is an idiot"
      There is nothing in your comment that infers you were talking about her. Be better.

    • Sorry, should have been more specific.

  • Yeah that's true this statement you made will guarantee you sex with any girl