What amount of body contact do you girls consider is too much flirting?

Lets just say your guy is playing soccer or ball with his friend (a girl). She can't stop him so she jumps on him to try to stop him. Is it too much already?

Feel free to explain with some examples. I'm into sports and some of my friends are very flirty so I don't wanna upset my girlfriend.

Oh! could someone explain the different type of hugs too? what's too friendly? that kind of stuff lol


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  • You shouldn't flirting that much if you have a girlfriend in the first place. A quick hug I would suppose to be okay, but how would you feel if she wanted to be flirty with other guys?

    • Here comes the judgement part again! who said I initiated anything? it was a game and the girl jumped on me. Didn't planned it nor did I see it coming. The girl is pretty much flirty with everyone so don't automatically put the blame on me. As much as I understand why my girlfriend got upset, I won't let you accuse me like that. And the reason that I ask this question here is because I respect my girlfriend and I don't want more misunderstanding.

    • If they jump on you, then laugh it off and tell them jokingly that your girlfriend isn't comfortable with how flirty they're being. It's not being judgemental. It's just making sure feelings down't get hurt.

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