What do guys want in a girl?

OK, so I'd like to know what guys want in a girl? Does she have to have a certain hairstyle/hair color, wear makeup, wear slutty clothes, have big boobs, or what? I'm 16 and I've never been in a relationship. I wear makeup, I straighten my blond hair everyday, and my clothes are decent. But I'm short (5'2"), really skinny, and only have size A cup boobs. Does this have anything to do with why guys don't like me? Am I too childish looking?


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  • physically you sound attractive, but if you focus all your thinking on what you look like you'll end up with someone who only cares about that. I'm sure you're a cool person but maybe also a little shy. Work on being less shy so that the right guys will become attracted not only to how you look, but the person you are, then you have a winning combination.

    • I'm not really that shy, though. I talk to friends a lot, including the guy I like. I do get slightly shy, though, especially when it comes to contact and what to say to him, etc.

      Oh well, I'll keep trying to improve myself to the best of my ability. Thanks for your advice :)

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  • All I want is a girl to stay by my side and trust that I have everything in control,

    to put 100% faith, no doubt about a thing, a girl that make's me want more in life

    • Aww, you sound really sweet.

      Why don't any of the guys I know like girls like that...? If they did, then maybe they would like me... but since no one has really asked me out, I'm guessing that there's something wrong with me. :S

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    • Lol I'm sorry my heart has taken already

    • I don't doubt your a nice girl though, wait and I know you'll get a genuine guy

  • i don't think there's anything wrong with your proportions(sounds attractive anyways) but it could be that you're not giving out a vibe that you're looking to go out with someone such as eye contact and smiling at the guys you like.

    you're also in high school too so a lot of guys definitely are just looking for chicks with big boobs and tight clothes rather than who you are as a person =\

    • Thanks :)

      I do smile a lot and I flirt/tease, too. But the guys I like tend to just tease and make fun of me back, so I'm not sure if it's because they're being friendly or what.

      That's true. I'll keep that in mind. I know so many shallow guys like that.... so should I just wait until I get out of high school?

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    • Well thanks, I'm glad I could help a little :0]

      good luck to you, I hope you find someone really soon

    • Thank you :D

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