Guys, is height an issue?

I'm 17 and I'm 4'11. Does that effect the way guys see me? Or how anybody sees me?


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  • It depends on each guy, personally me I like taller girls cause I'm 6'2. But as the other guy said people find it really attractive as well.

    • I was just curious about what guys would think. But I have a boyfriend. 9months I have been with him. He is 6'6. -_-. hahahaha

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  • As guys get older, they look at girls personalities more. I think that can apply to girls too, because when we are young we go for the bad hot boys who are tall, then we eventually find out who we are meant to be with.

    I know a 17 year old girl who is 4 feet 8 and she is engaged to a tall handsome model and they are so in love. :)