Frizzy hair girl?

how can I get rid of my extremely frizzy hair?


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  • I. Feel. Your. Pain.

    I had frizzy hair almost all of my life. I only got it to look decent in the past 3 years. And this is how I did it:

    My first rule: no silly hair products. No gels, hairsprays, mousse. If it doesn't nourish your hair, it damages it. Even the ones that are supposed to be ok. I've tried them all, it's bs.

    Hair products that are ok: nourishing serums (I use one called Organix Coconut Milk or something). If you use a blow dryer or straightener (I use both), use something to protect your hair from heat damage. With straighteners, get a decent ceramic one. They can be pricey but it is a lot better for your hair.

    Second rule: never ever brush your hair when it is wet. Instead, gently comb it. I find that brushing my hair before getting into the shower makes it a lot more manageable once I get out.

    Third rule: don't wash your hair every day. This might sound kind of gross but it's actually unhealthy to overwash your hair. There are lots of essential oils that you lose when you wash every day. Your hair can get frizzy when it lacks those oils. I wash my hair every 2-3 days which works for my thickness and length (I have really thick long hair so I can get away with it without it looking dirty).

    Fourth rule: keep your hair wrapped in a towel when you first get out. I don't know why this works but it does and I don't question it.Fifth rule: opt for a moisturizing or nourishing shampoos and conditioners. I'm a big fan of the Herbal Essense moisturizing line. Try a few out and see which one's make your hair feel healthier and stronger.

    There are also vitamins you could take also. I think they're called healthy skin, hair and nails supplements (that's what it would actually say on the box). I'm not familiar with how well they work as I have never tried them and I have heard mixed reviews.

    • I agree with all of this except for brushing your hair when dry. If your hair is curly that is something you really shouldn't do. :D good advice though.

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  • Probably the worst thing for frizzy hair is a hot iron and a blow drier. They are your hair's enemies. Anything that causes damage to your hair, whether it be harsh chemicals such as dye or heat, or even wind can cause it to frizz out.

    As a child growing up, I always had straight hair. This changed when I hit puberty - lord only knows why. The usual styling tricks for my hair weren't working any more. If I brushed it while it was dry, it would become poofy, it tangled more easily, and was just generally more difficult. This is when I realized my hair was actually becoming curly. Curly hair requires a whole different strategy. Some of this strategy works for damaged hair in general, so no matter what the cause for your frizzy hair is, I'm willing to bet my advice will do the trick.

    First, try brushing your hair in the shower while you have conditioner in. I would recommend both a regular conditioner, and a super hydrating leave-in conditioner. Brush through your hair until the tangles are gone with the regular conditioner, rinse, and then apply your leave in conditioner. Let your hair air dry and try not to mess with it too much as it dries. If your hair starts to curl, then you have your problem - you just need a new approach to how you treat your hair. If your hair remains straight, it is likely that it is just damaged and you may just require some heavy duty hydrating treatments for the time being (such as putting maonaise in your hair over night with a shower cap on and rinsing in the morning, following it with hydrating conditioner... there are also masks you can buy, but maonaise is the cheap, natural way to do it).

    If you have curly hair, it is better if you try not to fight it with the aforementioned hot irons and blow driers. Going natural not only saves time out of getting ready in the morning but it also is much healthier not to fight your hair (no matter what hair type you have). If you have curly hair, after you are out of the shower and while your hair is still damp, try putting in some herbal essence mousse for curly hair - it will give your hair body and prevent frizz. Scrunch it a couple times and leave it until it is dry.

    For frizz management during the middle of the day, I would buy one of those frizz serums or sprays - they do well for upkeep.

    Also, do not shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing your hair wipes out your hair's natural oils and really only should be done every other day at the most - less for people with curly hair as their hair dries out easily (I only shampoo near my scalp to prevent dandruff... I really never shampoo the ends of my hair as those are the most dry and prone to damage. They get the least moisture so they need the most conditioner).

    Try taking multivitamins and fish oils, this may also help give you healthier shinier hair. Basically, love your hair, don't mess with it too much, and don't fight it. :)

    Good luck!

  • so my sister has the same problem. she always puts anti frizz stuff on her hair right after she gets out of the shower then she lets it dry and straightens it (: a lot of people love her hair when its done.

  • When my hair gets like that I wash it blow dry it really good then straight it for like and 1 or 2.

    and if that don't work a salon would be the next best thing.