Girls, What exactly is gel nails? How do you apply them and can you do them yourself? Are they different than fake, glued-on nails?

I want fake nails but I don't want to destroy my own, weak nails. Should I try gel nails or not? And I have no idea how to do them.

I meant gel nails, not polish. A friend of mine did them, she said they build up gel on your own nails to make them longer?


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  • Lol girl my family owns like 10 nail salons let me help you out! So the gel can be misinterpreted a lot by people in the nail business and people who are clients and also people who do their own nails at home.

    Gel polish is something very quick and easy to do. It's just a polish that dries very well and has a different finish to it. You can apply this onto your real nails and it'll be fine.

    Then there's the gel that the nail techs talk about, which is you get an acrylic tip to your actual nail. (So it's like half of your real nail and half fake) then they start you pile on the "gel" which is completely different from gel polish. This gel actually looks and comes in a gel consistency. Afterwards you can choose to put the gel polish on or just regular nail polish.

    For you I would recommend getting just the gel polish because your nails are sensitive. There shouldn't be any breakage and tearing in your nails after removing the gel polish. However if you go with the acrylic tip and gel application it will break down your real nail bed.

    • between fake acrylic nails and gen nails, where only the tip is fake, which harms nails the least?

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  • Gel nails are also fake nails. They are supposed to be marginally better than acrylic nails. It would be best to go to a salon for this than to try them yourself for the first time and end up doing much more damage than necessary.

  • If you have weak nails, I would not suggest you go and stick on fake nails as they will just damage your nails further. There is a great nail straightener called * Dr Lewinns Renunail Nail Strengthener * It really does work wonders.

    I would recommend you for gelish nails or shellac nails as they are hardy and while they protect your nail they let your nail breath. Its best of both worlds, gel and varnish in one. They last up to 2 weeks too.

    As For applying them yourself. I would say a no if you haven't got experience. You also need all the tools for the application of them. I would recommend some research before you try to do it yourself. I have tried many times but I fail because either they start peeling as I did not do they correctly and touched a side or I had crème on my nails, applied too much, applied to little. If your nails are already weak, I suggest you seek professional advice.

    • my own nails are weak, the top layer is peeling off. Shellac nails wouldn't work. I just wonder if there is a kind of fake nails made from gel, which an expert can build up above your own nails, that's what I heard.

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    • I think you should go to a nail technician and ask them for advice. They will be able to offer you more information as they can see what your nails look like.

      If i were you, I would not get either of them until my nails got nice and healthy.

    • ok thanks!

  • It's shinier and more durable than regular nail polish. It dries under a UV light and requires acetone nail polish remover to take off. Here's a link to a video of someone applying gel polish:

  • It's shellac? It's like nail polish

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