Give it to me straight up.

I'm a girl that isn't known around the school as someone to get involved with. I'm usually wearing my hair up in a ponytail and I'm deciding which color I should highlight my hair, what color would look best with icy blue eyes and extremely pale skin? I'm a teenager and I've still never kissed a guy and I've only had one boyfriend. Are there any good kissing tips that help, that guys prefer girls do when they kiss? How can I change my ways? I really like this one guy but he's way out of my league. I'm really ready to throw myself into a new make over. How should I recreate my ways in high school to get the guy I want, be kissed, and look a lot better to everyone? Any comments at all would be extremely helpful towards my situation at hand.

Thanks SO much


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  • I think that you should do what you want to do. Don't change for others, do it for yourself. So if you want blonde hair, then dye it blonde. Don't stress about not kissing guys, I have friends who are 18 and haven't kissed a guy before. With kissing, here are some main tips:

    1. Swallow slightly before you kiss- no one likes a drink.

    2. Don't try and engulf the other person with your mouth by opening too wide.

    3. DO not bite the other person.

    4. Try and use a bit of tongue, but not too much and not too repetitive

    and finally, most importantly, FEEL IT! there is nothing better than kissing someone who you can tell is really into you and feeling the passion.

    I hope that helps some of ur q's.