Sex once a week?

Is that bad? He said all I want is sex how is that he is never home and on his days off he his hanging at friends houses till I am or if he is at hm he goes to bed early cause he is tired.


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  • Hi Msbossy... I am 30 year old stressed busy careerwoman and hubby only wants sex once a week. Been married 5yrs and this trend started about 4 months after honeymoon. He used to want it so much more. His reason is always stress or being too tired... But c'mon I have similiar job and huge anxiety issues sothats difficult for me to understand.

    I have been going crazy needing more...

    Went thru all the phases, thnking I was unattractive (I really look after myself, dress sexy and always have stayed well-groomed), thnking he was cheating, thnkng it was a porn addiction, (it was none of the above), being sad, being really angry, being practical and "sorting myself out", now fed up.

    Yes, we have talked abt it many times, nothing changes.

    I am so... Fed up always trying to spice things up...

    Always improving the lingerie, always buying new toys to try, always creating the mood, always waiting from Fri nite to Sundayafternoon to try to get him going (he'll never consider weekdays).

    Now think maybe he has performance anxiety... Anyways tired of guessing and trying to problem solve.

    Surprise surprise, he won't see a professional because he doesn't think its a problem. After years of making me feel like I am a crazy nympho...

    He says we're just wired differently: He needs to feel 100% relaxed be4 it can happen and he says I use it to destress when I am stressed... So that's just it.

    My argument is that we are never going to be less stressd/busy than we are now...only more so.

    In short I wanted you to know that its a typical response for him to make it sound like you are not normal... Takes the spotlight off if "you" hav the problem. So plz do not fall 4 that, nor for the self-doubting phases I described above. Its not you, sex once a week at your age is not okay...


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  • How long have you dated? Did he previously show more sexual interest? In a long relationship, sex is usually the first thing to go and should be addressed before the decline worsens.

    • We have been together 6yrs almost seven he did show more sexual interest he wks gravyard so when he gets hm I am sleeping and when I wake up he is sleeping the only days I see him sometimes is on his days off

    • After six years, once a week is no reason to get worried. The pot smoking bothers me, but there's not a whold lot you can do about that. Go back to the start. Think about what really turned him on. Start with the basics and build. Don't pressure him, try to up the interest. It's up to you to get the fire burning. Keeping the sex flame going is difficult in long term relationship, but it's important you do. There are no good long term non-sex relationships, that's called a friendships!

  • Sex once a week is in no way too much to expect.

  • How bout you come to my house and I'll take care of your sex drive for him? Then you guys won't have that problem. Its not perfect but everybody wins.

  • once a week? and he is complaining? lol ... I would go crazy with only once a week

  • How old is he? If its only once a week now it will only get more scarce as he gets older. Why even go down that road? It will certainly lead to unsatisfaction. P.S. I'm assuming he's not on antidepressants or taking other drugs (weed) which would curb his sex drive.

    • He is 30 yes he smokes weed alllll the time. but that was never an issue

    • I like sex with weed but I've heard it kills the sex drive and lowers testostrone levels...which is why I only use it on occasion. It might be because of this expecially since you say he does it alllll the time. You could ask him to scale back for a month or so and see how that goes but I'm guessing he might not want to do this. Sex is important in a relationship. If he doesn't understand he's going to lose his woman whose garden needs tending:)

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