Out of curiousity I'd like to see this girls belly button piercing , but not sure how to ask?

i've always like piercings and tattoo's and seen a lot over the years , there is this girl i knew fairly well and suspected she might have one although i had never seen it. and not one to like ask about it , although she did once show me her tragus piercing at bar. this girl is a bit younger than me and i knew her sister so i never really felt it be approiate to ask. i just think she has a really great body , she looks very similar to like say marilyn monroe type. was online and passing through some instagram pages and saw the link to her's and clicked on it although in past it had always been set to private so i couldn't see anything. anyways there was a picture of her in a bikini and she does have her belly button pierced. so that does answer my one question but i'd still like to see it and don't know if she'd be type to show it off or not , a lot of girls do show them off and i've seen a lot over the years including her older sister who showed me her's once at bar one night. anyways would it be approiate to just ask if she had any body piercings and see if she be willing to show? or should i just wait till a hot summer night and she shows if off without really thinking about it


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  • Have you tried google bro? It can do you wonder than awkwardly asking people about it

    • yeah I could goggle and find pics of random girls but I wanted to see her's specifically as I had known her for a while and she's really pretty girl

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    • known* durr...

    • the problem was her sister/her family didn't want me around her or think I should be talking to her even though she works at pub in town and a mature young women , I think this belly thing just became a secret for rather stuiped reasons , it never should of been such a big deal and if her family felt it was approiate for her and her sister to get all these piercings in the first place they should of realised people like me were going to see them at some point

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  • Don't ask! Don't see! That body part of hers is not yours to see

    • yeah but a lot of girls her age show it off and think nothing of it , she's like hiding it and I don't really see why as she has a great bod. I agree it is her body and its up to her if she wants to show off certain features or not I just don't see the big deal as it appears she's had it for a couple years but somehow managed to keep it a secret from me although I kinda always felt she had one

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  • Sounds a bit in appropriate to me especially since she is younger than you

    • she is younger but she is like almost 20 so she is not that young