You ever seen a guy who looks awkward with a snapback?

Never saw myself has a hat guy but I got a muscular build and arm tattoos. It looks really weird when I wear it in my opinion but is that just because it's a new look and I'll get used to it? Or are their some guys who just shouldn't wear hats.


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  • Honestly, snapbacks look weird on most guys, but it's their confidence/swagger that helps them pull it off. Check out Mac Miller's "Wear My Hat":

    ^ He looks fucking weird in it, right? But you can tell he doesn't care what others think, which is why he pulls it off. His buds and his chick look awkward in the hat as well, but again, they're confident that it looks cool. Wear your hat to a couple baseball games or something and see if you can get used to how you look in it.

    • Yeah they both look weird in it. That chick is hot though

    • If I upload a pic can u tell me if I can pull it off?

    • Sure

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  • I don't think snapbacks work totally with s muscular build.


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