Does any one else get random muscle twitches?

I always used to crack jokes about others that something traumatic would cause a twitch and a need for years of therapy. Perhaps it is karma coming home to roost, but last year I developed an eye twitch over night (after what one would call a life changing event). Since then it has progressed to other muscles in my body, like the corners of my mouth and nose, my neck, my back, my arms, and even my legs, toes, fingers, and feet. It isn't as bad as it used to be, and there was a period of a couple of months where I went with no twitching at all; however, it's started back up again.

I was wondering if any one else got these and when they occur for you. Mine are usually when my muscles are resting, or if I am trying to do fine motor things that require concentration.


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  • I too have received muscle spasms. Mine originally started when I was worried about certain things; however, they have gotten much worse due to a recent car accident causing severe bruising near my spinal cord and a broken neck.

    The spasms now happen whenever I stretch, yawn, or become worried that someone is observing something about me they don't like. When I stretch upwards - the spasms start in my triceps and shake my entire arm vigorously. When I yawn, the spasms are created in my jaw line and make me look like I'm "chattering" my teeth because of cold weather...

    and lastly - when someone views something awkward in me, it could be in several areas

    - My smiles seem too worried and start to shake; I start to get "cotton mouth" and so I close my lips and remind myself that everything is okay

    - My eyelids twitter from people seeming attractive (only one side) so I'll look away to that side of my face until it stops.

    - My ears shake vigorously causing severe pain near my temples (the wierdest one) that I'm unsure about - it happens spontaneously

    I hope the information helps,


    • Aw ArtistBboy - I remember reading a post you had made on one of Stevo's questions about this. I am so sorry :( You still seem to be such a positive person though - and so willing to help others. You are such a beautiful person - and of course it helps. Thank you :)

    • =) My pleasure and thank you for the compliments. I still look normal, the damage is all internal aside from an offset in my posture (one shoulder rests a little lower than the other) which will be corrected when I simply stand up straight.

      I do appreciate the compliments once again, they make me feel really good about myself ^_^

      You have a GREAT evening and thank you =) again and again

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  • sometimes when I'm just sitting around watching tele and I'll get a twitch near my eye or some random muscle in my leg/arm will do it for a little...doesn't seem to happen if I'm actually doing stuff though

    • Thanks for sharing :)

      I feel like every one gets this to a certain extent. I've heard lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies, and caffeine can cause them.

    • Probably the lack of sleep as my reason, sometimes I have trouble sleeping but I haven't really paid attention as to when I start having the little spasms

  • Yep. Primarily more than a little twitch. It's almost more of a kick in my legs when I'm lying down or I'm asleep.

    • During the time that my twitches went away I would get really bad jumpy legs at night... usually right when I was trying to fall asleep (and they would go numb too). Does it happen often?

    • Not much thank-god.

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