No question, just getting a f***ing burden off me...

I want to fall in love knowing that the other one is loving me back.

I want to have my first friggin boyfriend.

I want my first kiss.

I do not mean to sound selfish or anything like that, but come on..

I believe in love, but the fact that it hasn't arrived to me is killing me inside out.

Everything started several days ago, when a good friend oof mine {while she was sitting with her boyfriend of course...} said:

"Hey, you are pretty and cute, a very nice person, and with a hot body {im a contemporary/ hip hop/ ballet dancer}...How is it that you don't have a boyfriend?"

How could I f***ing answer to that?

Because I intimidate boys maybe?

Or is it that I'm no good enough ?

Fuck that... I try not to think about it, but its impossible.

Every friend I have has a boyfriend/ girlfriend, a crush or even dating...

I can't help feeling sad and alone, or hoping that one of these days I'll fall in love with someone that loves me back...

I'm such a wimp am I...

Whatever, that's all.

Thanks for the attention.

OK...there actually are a few questions in matter... [sorry, didn't realized before hehe]

Have you guys/girls ever felt like that before?

If so, how did you overcome that crappy feeling?

Thanks again.


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  • Yes I have felt like this when I was younger.

    However, growing older and being tormented by this "love" has certainly stopped this feeling for me.

    Don't worry...this "love" will come and then you will experience a type of pain that surpasses you wildest nightmares.

    • You mean break up don't you....?

      Ive always heard that its better to have felt love and lost it than never felt it before.

      But I've also heard it suks

    • No, what I mean is the a relationship is not a fairy tale and a boyfriend will not fix your problems. Being in a relationship usually causes you more problems in your life.

      What if your man doesn't treat you like you want him too?

      What if he flirts with other girls?

      What if he doesn't call when he says he will?

      What if he is controlling?

      Have you looked at all of the questions on this website that are from people in relationships who are unhappy?

      A relationship will not save you.

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  • That's how I feel these days actually.


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  • okay first I think you should just wait fot the rught person to come and if you do feel alone have a girls night or go out and have fun well goodluck

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