Hair question, please help?

Quite a while back I bleached and colored my hair purple, I knew with the purple it would fade fast but I was ok with the color it faded too. I had about an inch of growth and it had faded so I needed to do my hair again. I decided to bleach it again and recolor. I bleached and it was fine but it had burnt my head pretty badly and instead of leaving the color in for 40 mins I was able to leave it maybe 15 mins. It burned so bad I was shaking and I held out as long as I could. I experimented, the guy told me if I used a 30 or 40 volume developer it would lift more and the color would be lighter. First time I had black hair and bleached and did the purple which ended up being almost as dark as my hair before I bleached it so this time I wanted to go lighter. I used the 30 volume and got a shade lighter and I had got a very pretty redish purple. It was lighter than I had wanted, I loved the color but I work in a hospital and can't really have bright purple hair. I assumed it was lighter because I wasn't able to leave it in very long so it didn't deposit a lot of color onto my hair, I had to shower the next morning and wash my hair and all the color rinsed out, most likely because of the length I let it stay on. It's been this funky strawberry blonde with like light pastel purple throughout sorta like highlights, I haven't done anything because I had scabs on my scalp and wanted to let it heal so I'm able to leave the color on as long as it needs. I have some box color I bought and I know it's not as good for your hair I've spent the money and so I'm gonna use it. I'm sure the same applies to the box color. The color I got is purple but it's so dark you can only tell in the light. I mixed the last with 30 volume developer and it was pretty light but it was also color from a salon store. Was thinking maybe if I did 40 volume it would turn out close to what I want.


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  • can't u simply redye 'em wid some natural color again this time or not? anyway wot i cannot get's y don't people t da hospital don't allow purple hair... wot'sso bad bout a person wid purple hair?


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