What to get him for Christmas?

What would you get a guy you have been dating for a little over a month for Christmas? Or better yet, what DON'T you get a guy you have been dating for Christmas.

Just looking for some creative ideas.

He is 47 and is a "computer geek".
Even any romantic ideas would be cool too.
We are only dating...so not sure if that should matter on what to get him.


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  • do you have a budget ?

    currently, there's this great handphone ala mini computer

    it's called the Nokia N900 and it's just released weeks ago.

    This is a great item for a computer geek. although, the price is a bit on the high side. :)


What Girls Said 1

  • What you do get:

    1. Things related to what he likes

    2. Things he's raved about but doesn't have

    3. Things related to stuff he collects

    4. Tickets to sports games or concerts to teams/bands he likes

    5. Video games (if he plays)

    6. Clothes you know he would like

    7. Something sexy...related to the both of you...

    What you don't get:

    1. Socks/Underwear

    2. Cologne that he uses or doesn't use (unless he raves about it)

    3. No hand made things

    4. No teddy bears, roses, or chocolates

    5. no home cooked meals

    6. No cheesy coupons for anything like a free hug unless its for something sexual that you will do to him

    7. No sweaters or jackets unless he keeps talking about how he needs one.

    • Then anything computer related that he raves about should be good.

    • Stop updating the question and comment to people's answers...its better that way