My first lolita outfit I'm an egl...who have never really had enough money to get my first outfit...and I also like the pirate lolita style too. and I was wondering if this outfit is suitable.

If not,Maybe suggest for me another oufit? and maybe a suggestion for a headdress. I like mini hats best. animal ears work too. thank you.


scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full outfit.


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  • so are you gonna like fk someone with that on too or what

    • No....I just like the style. lolita is not about sexual initiation. I think your thinking about that anime fetish.

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    • That's pretty neat

      do your friends have outfits like those too?

    • No...I of my friends likes the modern styles of today like hottopic...I think it's become abit overused...but it looks good on her. and another friend of mine is into this we might get jobs this summer to earn the money.^-^

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  • looks sexy


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  • I love that shirt O-O and I love to see it with a mini hat. Like that way better than the lolita outfits that go way over the top.

    • Thanks...any hats you would like to suggest?

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