How can I find a temporary solution for my hair , until it grows back?

Hi there, So basically I shaved the sides of my face with a beard trimmer. I realised later people were acting weird when they saw me. I finally found out that the shaved sides didn't suit me because it makes my cheekbones look broader for my face size/shape.
It's taking time to grow back and I need a temporary solution to hide the shaved sides till it grows back in a month or two.

Any great ideas all of you. Please help me as I am so anxious going outside like that. People don't respond well to it.
Thanks all of you. Peace.


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  • I would just shave it all off.

    • Seconded. Kinda hard to tell with no pic man.

    • yeah - lots of guys cut it very short. I do at times. almost bald. no one looks at me much differently.

    • Guys... The thing is I am dark skinned and have un-even skin tone due to being sun-burnt. So it just looks weird with hair off on the sides and my cheekbones look broader for my face shape !!