Why don't guys like her?

I feel really bad for my friend. She is really nice and funny, but always seems to be 'one of the boys'. Kinda that always the bridesmaid never the bride thing. They all like to hang out with her, but never want to date her. She's told that she feels bad and doesn't understand why guys never like her. I think she's pretty, blue eyes, bronze blond hair, 5'4. Any answers GUYS? tips?

here's a pic of her: link


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  • If she's funny and has a great personality then I wouldn't mind. She's ok looking, nothing wrong with her. Probably because of the hair... um I don't know much but I would say maybe change the hair style. PLay around with her hair. Perhaps straighten it, or curl it, see if it looks better up or with a frinch...Something that make her look more noticeable.

    Try a bit of shiny stuff, maybe around the eyes, bring out the blueness of the eyes. If she's not into makeup, then say its experimental. She probably gets used to it if she walks around with it.

    Try these few changes, nothing to lose really if its not going anywhere. It is normal for a girl to do these things. Cute nose btw =)

    Good luck


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  • I know you said guys but I just had something to add!

    She has great potential but I think if she cleaned up her brows and got a new hairstyle and maybe some new clothes if she dresses a little frumpy it would really change her image and make a difference. She looks like she would be a little nerdy, no offense