we have been going out for almost 7 months.

and I love him with all my heart. his my everything.

we have one little issue. his ex:

there is a few times I wouldn't too knock her off of her ass.*

but I didn't

she's one year older then me. and were like the same height were not very tall. and its weird cause I think she's trying too break us up. she always comes around. and visits his mom and tells me were just good friends. and me and her was friends. but my boyfriend didn't like me hanging with her cause he said when I got back from hanging with her I acted different and she put crap in my head about him! and we would argue. :S

So. I quit being friends with her. and we would always have words. and she f***ed all of his friends. pretty much she's a whore.

sometimes I think he wants are back and he gets mad. and his like no babe I don't. but that's always going too be in the back of my mind. because.. when we first got together. he was texting her telling her he wanted too be with her. and they can live together. and all this crap. and he did loved her a lot. and they was together for a while? I don't know what too do? she doesn't come over anymore she knows better.? he said he doesn't love her anymore? and I completely put my guard down. but it took me a while. cause I been hurt before?! do you think I am wrong for acting like this?


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  • The pitfalls of teenage love. It's natural to be emotional over drama. If you want to be less worrisome, I'd suggest asking your boyfriend to stop being in contact with her. This girl sounds more trouble than she's worth. If he refuses, then it looks like you've got a handful on your case.

    • Unfair. You can't ask someone to change or stop talking to someone, that's messed up and it will only put him in a weird place.

    • She's a teenage girl visiting her ex boyfriends mom. If you ask me, she's overstepping her boundaries enough as it is. Only if someone seems that strange, do I deem it enough to stop contact with that said person.

    • Thanks. for you comment.

  • It's natural to be weary. Usually if something seems too good be true, it is because it is. And usually when you are uneasy about a situation it's because you know something deep down is really wrong.


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