What do girls think about skaters?

well... so I've been skating since 8th and I'm a sophomore now and I was just wondering exactly HOW hot girls think skaters are? like does it just come across as "i should grow up"? because I mean I know it still gets me points, but it seems like it's not as hot as it was in middle school. thanks haha.


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  • well I'm almost 20, and I still have a weakness for a hot guy who skates... I don't know why. but if I find out someone is a skater, they just moved up about 3 points on the hottness scale of 1-10.

  • i think skaters are hot, well some are.

    i like how they seemed so laid back like thet don't have care.

    there style can be hot to if its like classic skater baggy clothes.

    so don't change just because some people may not find it 'hot' or 'cool' any more. :)

    • Thanks a lot haha. I probly shoulda been more specific because I meant I'm not gonna stop skating just becuz some people don't think it's cool anymore, because I seriously love it. I was just wondering what people think about it now haha.

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    • Haha, well I'm sure you still look good :]

    • Haha thanks :)

  • Haha I think it's hot. But I agree, in middle school it was a lot "cooler".


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