Black nail polish?

Do guys like or dislike dark nail polish on a girl? and she's not Gothic..

seems all the celebrities are doing but one guy told me he hated it because it made me look Gothic?!


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  • OMG, its the sexiest thing ever what a turn on...

    I cannot tell you how much I love it...

    It looks great, gothic no... So what if it is if you like it...

    TURN ON!

    • Haha thanks... I thoughts so too :P

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  • What's wrong with how Gothic women look anyways? I like women with piercings and wearing black leather and chains...that's kinky

    • Nothing wrong with that at all, that's just not me besides loving to wear black nail polish...

  • NO NO NO and NO !

    nail polish is a huge TURN OFF. and I'll explain why...

    it looks dirty, especially when it's done bad, and it's starting to peel away. Bad !

    Natural is hot, all day, any day. french manicure looks ok on some.

    I will not date a girl who wears nail polish, hand or feet. it is that gross to me.

    Painted toe nails is probably the grossest cosmetic thing a girl could do in the world.

    Just take care of them and leave them natural, that way no one will be turned off, because it's NATURAL ! :D

    keep in mind, I'm the type of guy who likes natural beauty, so that's my stand point.

    I do like when girls get "done up" but please girls, all this nail polish is making us puke!

    cheers :)


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  • Don't listen to what ignorant people have to say, wear black nail polish if you like it.

  • My guy friend asked me what that sh*t was on my hand so I guess he didn't like it lol

    But who cares? A guy is not gonna turn you down because of the color of your nails, he might not like all the details but its not a big deal