How can I get my nose ring in?

i got my nose pierced like 6 months ago and got it changed into a ring 6 weeks later. I had to take the ring out for college and now I can't get it back in. I have a pretty fat scar tissue from it. how can I get it back in without hurting? any tips? :D

whops I forgot to say that I have a stud in atm. my bad :)


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  • Try OraJel, the stuff used to numb baby's gums when they're teething.

    Good luck.



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  • Why didn't you just wear a clear retainer or a smaller stud? Chances are you're going to have to get it redone, and don't go through scar tissue trying to re-open the hole. You're going to cause yourself a lot of problems and possibly an infection. Best to just go get it redone in a slightly different position with sterile equipment and by someone who knows what they're doing.

    Its not worth mucking about with facial piercings, best to leave it to the piercers themselves.

    • If you've got a stud at the moment, just work slowly up in size using lip bars, that oughta stretch it out again until you get the ring back in.

    • Aww thankyou! :)

  • You will probably have to get it redone, nose ring holes close very fast...