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Okay my friend today went up to the guy I like and told him do you do you want to talk to my friend (that's me) and he just stayed quiet wit a blank look in his face. I don't talk to him but I'm pretty sure he knows I like him and I'm afraid to talk to him, so does that mean anything because he just stared at her wit a blank face? and what does it mean wen he is always look at him... I always catch him looking at me in p.e. so does this mean anything at all?


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  • It's probably because he's shy...and young...look in high school I was COMPLETELY different then I am now. A girl asked ME out in HS and I was like clueless with the whole thing. Girls grow up a little bit faster then guys do, you ladies understand facial expressions and body language WAY before we men do, and this is simply natural. He's not avoiding you he's just blank because this is new too him...interacting with the opposite sex. Through college I finally started picking up the signs of attraction and built my confidence to where it is today...so take it slow and remember, guys can be dumb but girls can be crazy...lol ;-) good luck.


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