What size should I go for?

I wanna get myself a ring from this one site that was a suggestion on Facebook. I found this ring on there that I think is really pretty and it's cheaper than most from what I saw. Of course I'm not gonna get myself an engagement/wedding ring lol even though those look nice too. The ring I saw that I wanna get myself is size 6 to 10 in the US and when I went to a jewelry store to double check my ring size, the answer I got was 6 1/2 and found out that the ring my grandma gave me fits perfectly and is a 6 1/2. But then I went to the mall a couple weeks ago, I was looking at the rings in a store and those rings told me 6 or 5 1/2 I think. Should I go for a 6? 6 1/2?
Thank you in advance


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  • I would be inclined to go 6.5 because that is what jeweller said.


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