How to get noticed?

when I'm with my friend and we go to the mall, I never get noticed because she has a really great ass and mine isn't as good. hahah it might seem weird but how do I get noticed if all the guys are drawn to her because of her butt?


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  • If you are talking about physical features such as "ass" "chest" etc - then dress with style that accentuates those features to compliment your overall appearance.

    Obviously if you have a great ass but hide it with chains / pom poms / decorative finger painting - the individual would pay more attention to those "things on your ass" than actually focusing on your butt.

    Nevertheless - even if you have less ass than her, it doesn't mean your ass is bad. You have something different to offer than other individuals, which could be complimentary to your body if it's not to either extreme

    ( ex. Being overly flat- imagine the body builder guy that has 27'' biceps with a 12'' waist and no legs, this would appear awkward compared to the social norm of what's desireable )

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  • Well think about it like this, would you really want a guy who only notices you because you have a nice ass? Plus on top of that, I get checked out all the time and don't even realize it until some one else says something to me. You are probably getting looked at a lot more than you notice. Just look as nice as you can and if they look, cool; if they don't, then who really cares? You are a woman not a piece of meat.


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