Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Jeep?

Im torn on what to do. I have a F150 now and I like it. But I'm getting the itch for another vehicle. Should I (a) keep my truck and just buy a 4 wheeler or motorcycle (b) Buy a Silverado/Sierra (c) buy a Dodge Ram or (d) buy a Jeep Wrangler. Any and all opinions are appreciated. Also, it will be lifted... below is my current F150.
Ford,Chevy,Dodge or Jeep?

  • Keep F150 and buy 4wheeler/motorcycle
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  • buy Silverado/Sierra
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  • buy Dodge Ram
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  • buy Jeep
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  • Well, I don't know crap about cars but my mom owns a Grand Cherokee & I really, really like it. So I'd say go with Jeep.


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  • I would go for 2 door jeep as well

  • I will buy Grand Cherokee.

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