Girls will you post nice eye makeup pictures please? Any ideas?

Im going to a wedding today and i need makeup ideas.. Im going casual white jeans and black shirt with cute wedges

Im also curling my long hair and putting on a nice necklace...
Welcome and go dark on the lid and lighter on the crease


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  • How funny. I just went to my uncles wedding today (or rather should I say yesterday) but I just went with brown/gold shades of eye shadow and mixed and blended them together. I changed my profile picture on here to what I looked like for the wedding (but it isn't of great quality).
    I think depending on your eye color, go with a color that will make your eyes stand out!

  • I really like Linda hallberg- look up bangerbeauty on YouTube

    • Thank you !

    • also Pinterest has some great ideas.
      especially if you search pictorials :)

  • I just like looking as natural as possible when it comes to makeup

    • Thanks!!! Do you think she has falsies? Id love to buy lashes like that but maybe theyre hers?

    • i think she does have false eyelashes, you're welcome!! :)

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