Guys - are there other reasons you'd keep staring into a girl's eyes?

Hey guys,

I am wondering if there are other reasons for repeated eye contact that's smoldering (no smiling)? If you keep doing this with a girl are there any other reasons for doing it other than "attraction"?

Also, sneaking glances and turning away when she catches you.


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  • Not really, they guy likes u... unless you have something on yur face then...

    But no, you are pretty, there is no other reason!

    • Maybe not. I mean he hasn't made a move - only a sly smile and the long stares and the "hello"...for two years nothing more.

    • The guy is probably shy. I mean if he doesn't turn away when you catch him at it, then that will be weird. I'm shy and I have a huge crush on someone (read my latest question from my profile). Basically I can't even say "hi" properly. Do you like him?

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  • whoever is doing it either:

    likes you.

    thinks your super beautiful.

    wants to talk to you.

    is thinking about talking to you.

    thinking about you.

    or something like that.

    us guys are simple if we stare and look up away often you have to have something that catches our attention

    • Guy is doing that, lol....

      super beautiful, um no ---- not me

      thinking about me? I wish for that...i wish for his friendship more than anything yet he has not made more than a "hi" and eye stares!

  • he likes you, or at the very least thinks you're pretty. like rambored said, guys are simple creatures haha


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