Do women know the impact they have on men when wearing good make up?

Do women put there make up on knowing/ believing it will attract more men to them (I am not saying you won't be attractive without it, but I do think women probably see it as a weapon in a sense to help them attract and snare men).


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  • For me, makeup isn't really about attracting men. I put it on when I feel like dressing up or I need an extra boost of confidence- like if I have a job interview o an important presentation to do as well as on a first date and seeing an ex. It makes me feel good because I know I look my best, but if I didn't think I deserved the job, wasn't prepared for the presentation, thought the guy was out of my league or felt guilt about the breakup no amount of makefup could make me feel better. I don't wear makeup all the time, only when I feel like it, which doesn't always include dates, going to bars or even seeing the guy I like. The way I see it, the best way to attract a guy is to be yourself and that really has very little to do with makeup or clothes. Makeup for me is just like my favorite dress- I like it because I know I look good, but I know I look just as good in the jeans, t-shirt and clean face I wear much more often. The kind of guy I WANT to attract doesn't need me to be put together all the time, it's just not my style.


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  • To be honest, I think most women wear makeup to feel more confident about themselves. It's a way of hiding the things we're embarrased about, and showing off the things we're proud of. Some of us feel exposed without it on, and imagine that anyone looking at us will see all our faults. On one level, it's a bit silly and vain - but then, just look at the amount of magazines out there telling women how to look. It's no wonder, with all that pressure, we can feel a bit insecure at times.

    A BIG part of this is for other women, not for other men. Quite frankly, most men don't even notice makeup that much! In high school, putting it on is more of a defence against the snide remarks of other girls, almost a way of competing against them to look fine, rather than something designed to attract boys. (Or rather, the attractive part, is an offshoot of female-on-female competition). As you get older, that slightly immature competitiveness fades, but there's still a kind of kudos to be got from many women, particularly in corporate occupations, by appearing immaculately presented 24/7.

  • I don't wear makeup to attract men, I wear it because I like to. If guys are attracted because of it then that's a side effect but most guys have told me I look much better barefaced anyway


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