First apartment, style confusion?

I am a young adult moving into my first apartment this fall.
I have started to collect things for my new place, osme furniture and decor so far, but when looking at the bigger picture I've come to the conclusion that it looks pretty girly (not planned). But my problem is that I've bought an open closet so to speak, so my clothes will be visible at all times, and to be quite fair my style is not really girly at all, its kinda edgy, mostly black etc. which I think matches the girly, pink vibe pretty bad...
What do you think I should do?

I really like all my furniture and clothes, for some reason they just are very different styles...

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  • Sticking to one style is better
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  • You're over thinking it. The clash might work well but the only way to know for sure is to just give it a shot this fall, and then if you're not liking it just try subtle changes here & there instead of feeling like you have to make big sweeping changes.

  • I personally would stick to one style

    • Yeah, but how? I already have most my things..

    • When you are moving in - Go with what you have - Then over time you can develop your own style - Everyone's first place is a complete mish mash of stuff from home, stuff you bought and presents etc.

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