Girls, How many clothes would you take on a 1 week holiday abroad?

Okay so Im going away in 2 weeks, for 7 days.

What do you need to take? like how many clothes, bikinis, shoes etc, how much shampoo, literally everything, how many towels?

Most of the day I will be in a bikini and cover up, then later on probably something more appropriate.

It is very hot, its about 40 degrees in the day and at the lowest 24 degrees at night.


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  • I'm notorious for overpacking. But take a minimum of one outfit a day and 2 to 3 extra outfits for changing moods/weather.
    Take 1 more formal outfit in case you go dancing or something.
    1 bottle of shampoo, conditioner etc.
    Shoes, 2 to 3 pairs of sandels, a couple ballet flats, snd possibly some heels.


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  • One outfit for each day and one extra for an emergency.
    3 pairs of shoes that go with the outfits
    1 travel shampoo and then buy a bigger bottle when you get their.
    2 towels. One for the beach and one for the bathroom.
    Shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash (travel size), floss, bar of soup, sunscreen, lotion, socks
    2 bikini's
    1-3 cover ups
    1 flip flop
    Costume jewelry
    Make sure to make a photo copy of your passport in case you lose you passport.

  • I would take this with me:
    2 bikinis
    4-5 shorts
    7 tops or t-shirts
    2 pairs of pyjama (or do you sleep naked? Lol)
    1 cardigan (if you go out at night and it gets cold)
    1 pair of flip-flops
    2 pairs of sandals
    1 pair of comfortable shoes like sneakers
    And 1 bottle shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, body lotion, sun screen,..

  • Some hotels have towels so you might not need to worry about taking them. If it is really hot i would say probably take different clothes to wear each evening as you might sweat a bit. You can rinse a bikini out in the evening and it will probably dry by the morning so you probably only need to take a few.
    Hope this helps!

  • Two towels, three t shirts and pair of pants. And ofc underwear. Instead of shirts and pants take dresses u will have more space and it will be more comfortable. U dont need a lot of shampoo, take the sun protect cream and i believe that is all u need.

  • i would bring

    6 dresses
    4 blouses
    3 skirts
    2 bikinis
    8 hair ornaments & barettes

    and several pieces of jewelry

  • It depends on where I'm going & when.

  • take 2 bikinis, 2 outer for bikinis, 3 daily chlotes, 1 shoes, 1 slipper, 10 ml shampoo, 15 ml soap. if you run out of sampoo or soap you can just buy it near by. bring only 1 towel. usually hotel will provide towel.

  • take enough clothes to last at least three/four/five days, if you have a washing machine or are able to wash clothes there. Take at least two bikinis, in case you want to bathe two times or one is still wet the next day. Take a 3oz bottle of shampoo with maybe? Then, you should have a towel for your hair and your body

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