I'm unattractive (male)

Ever since the age of 10, I have always liked the same girl so during my time at the end of primary school and throughout secondary I always liked this girl but never really spoke with her.

she was always kind of popular and always able to find a boyfriend whenever a fall out or break up occurred, she is just that kind of girl who immediately got attention and as a great personality. My mum and her mum are best friends so I see her occasionally whether that's on public transport - train, bus or tram or when she comes round with her mother. I do speak with her when she comes around it's always a similar conversation but I never feel that I'm going anywhere with it.

Of course I see a lot of girls while attending college and during my part time job at Argos, but I always become shy around girls anyway, but I just don't seem to click with anyone meaning I do think a lot of girls are pretty I just don't see them as girlfriend material and I guess they would think the same as well about me.

I've also been to a lot of nightclubs and not managed to have a good conversation with one girl let alone kiss any female whatsoever I just feel my life is cursed. I've even been asked if I am gay because I am shy and don't seem to get involved in parties I was definitely insulted and wary of what others could of been thinking as well.

19 years old, virgin and no prospects in life it's a total nightmare, I just don't feel I can meet anyone else and I don't feel I could actually ask the girl if she would fancy going out sometime because I'm a shy person and don't feel good enough for her or anyone for that matter.


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  • Confidence. That's what girls look for. It almost doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you're confident girls will be attracted to you. Try googling "cocky funny" and reviewing the technique. It may help you start talking/meeting girls. Unfortunately, rejection is going to happen. It's a part of life. The key is to not worry about it and move on to the next opportunity. At least you had the guts to go for it, rather than sit around wondering "what if". Again, back to confidence.