Girls, Speedo, How Do I Look?

Debating trying out a speedo later this year, what do you think? Do I have a good enough body?

Girls, Speedo, How Do I Look?

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I'm a Girl
Forgot to add. I am 6 feet tall, and weigh 195 pounds too if that makes a difference
Would like to hear some more opinions, please :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally I don't like speedos. But I guess if you are comfortable with it go for it. Already it is not too small. I had this one guy on my swim team that his was too small and he bent over on the mounting block and all I saw was way too much of his butt. Yeah scarred for life. But I just don't really like them because they define too much and make me uncomfortable. But it does not look bad on you for your body shape.

    • Thanks for giving me your opinion!

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What Girls Said 5

  • i am used to men playing water polo and so i am used to all shapes and sizes... i think u need to tone up a bit more though :) x

    • Thanks for the feedback :)

    • He looks pretty tone to me... Definite V, and abs are kind there

    • they are creases in his skin from where he has been sitting, not abs. The speedos are at least a size (if not 2) too small (you should need to pull the drawcord in for them to fit correctly with men not having hips like girls do!) The 'V' is him sucking and twisting... I have seen enough men with my athletics career and water polo officiating to recognise what is genuine and what is light and camera created...

      he's not overweight or fat, i think he just needs to tone it to carry them off when its not a necessity (ie a swimmer) and just using them for hols...

      @asker sorry if you think I am being harsh, its just you run the risk of the older guy in speedos if you dont go for the superfit guy in speedos... I think you are closer to the first but need to do a little tone up for that.

  • I think you look great! But I have a personal preference for shorts.

  • I do not like speedo, looks ok but it seems so tight.
    But whatever floats your boat.

  • No one should ever wear speedos unless they're competing

  • looking good

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