How can I be cute without being cheesy?


I kind of like this girl who I have been seeing for 2 months now.. I guess you could say we are dating.. she is the type of girl who can get really bored with a guy quickly.. but I have maintained to keep dating her for like 2 months.. my question is .. what kinds of things should I do .. like do girls like when guys surprise them ? how can I be cute without being cheesy on things? what are some ways I can keep her interested in me .. ? ( this is the main question ) .. any help would be much appreciated.. thanks


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  • um it's hard, I think a lot of it comes down to the chemistry between the two of.

    I like a guy that is protective without being controlling or jealous. Be a gentleman, yes small surprises, open doors, make her feel like a lady, a woman.

    I can't speak for every girl though, this is just what I like.. Ohh and if you are having sex yet, lots of foreplay... Yaahaa : )


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  • well suprises are great but it has to be something she likes. and it doesn't have to be over the top. the littlest things with the tinyest details lets her know you thought about her and put some thought into it.

  • take your shirt off! that'll keep her interested, you look greaat ;)


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  • Forget being cute. Maintain distance and send mixed signals; this blows girls' MINDS.

    Once she knows she has you, it's over. On the other hand, she'll keep thinking about you if you pull her closer, then push her away. Just look at all the topics on this website about mixed signals, not knowing why the guy didn't call back after a great date, etc.

    By the way, women do this all the time. They won't text you back or will take their time, won't return calls, etc.

    Example: be great in person, but don't always text her back (immediately), don't answer all her questions in an sms, don't call her as often as you usually would, etc. Keep her interested.


    P.S. You're a MAN. Why are you asking about how you can be cute? Do you feel that "cute" is a desirable trait for a man? Think about those questions.

    • I disagree big time with this!

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    • This is bull sh*t!

      u dnt want to give them mixed signals shell dump you and move on

    • She's going to dump him anyway. Seriously? Just the fact that he put in the description that "she is the type of girl who can get really bored with a guy quickly," I mean what DOESN'T that tell you about her?